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Los Angeles,CA (CNS) – The debut show for model and designer Jackie Christie’s new clothing line was met by a standing ovation when it showed during Los Angeles Fashion Week at the Fashion Minga show. The pieces are said to combine a classic and sexy look that has caught the attention of the L.A. audience and buyers alike.

As a bestselling author and a CEO for 3 companies, Jackie Christie has had a constant love of fashion and with an official invitation to join Fashion week, she showed her collection from her new range that combined her casual line of Colored Girl fashions and her designer couture Spring/Summer 2010 collection.

Jackie Christie said this about the experience, “I have never felt so elated and so honored to show my line. The audience reaction sent chills up my spine and I couldn’t believe how many approached me for orders right after the show. With proceeds benefiting the Infinite Love Foundation for student scholarships, I can’t thank Los Angeles enough for the warm reception”

Jackie Christie’s runway show reflected her belief in the individual beauty of woman using a variety of models. An assortment of models were sent down the cat walk from tall to short, slender to shapely each embrace Jackie’s diverse collection that showed each model as fashionable and sexy.

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NBA Wife Jackie Christie:
Raw & Un-cut!

Jackie Christie has a new book, a new TV show, and a New Year and we got up close and very personal with the woman known as Mrs. Christie in this Talk Dat Ish exclusive interview!!!

TS: Hello Jackie, thanks for sitting down with us. Let me get right to the point, why do you think people are so interested in you?

JC: Personally, I feel that because I am written about so much in the media that people find me interesting and also because of the amount of controversy that a lot of the stories have brought; the fabricated, false, statements by some people helped to kind of form an unreal opinion of me. But I have learned to just take the high road for the most part as you can't change someone's mind they have to change it themselves if they really want to. Secondly, I know God only gives you as much as you can handle, and I have faith that the truth will always win.

TS: What do you feel is the biggest misperception people have about you?

JC: The biggest misperception people have about me is that I'm mean. and that could not be further from the truth. I admit I am a no nonsense type a girl, about business and my family but I am not mean, jealous, or any of the crap that is written about me at times.

TS: I loved your show Committed. Why did you and your husband decide to do your reality show on BETJ?

JC: We decided to do our reality show because we wanted to first and foremost set the record straight. All of the rumors, lies, and what have you. And then we wanted to have the experience of doing our own TV show, which by the way we loved and still do and we don't regret a thing! Well, maybe one thing I do regret cursing on some parts (laughs).

TS: So is it true that you are overbearing and bossy to people?

JC: No not at all, I am a Leo and lions do lead, but.. people that know me can tell you that I am almost too nice.

TS: What are three things people do not know about you?

JC: The three things people don't know about me is that I love candy. I am a sweet freak! Secondly, I love, love, love, to read. Last, I struggle with my weight and I hate it. I have always been a model and now that I have a 7-year-old son, I have gained about 20 pounds more than ever before and I can't seem to get it off and keep it off! But my hubby (Doug) says it's all the candy I love to eat.

TS: How long have you been a fashion designer and who wears your clothes?

JC: I have been a Fashion Designer now for 7 years. There are a lot of celebrity women who wear my pieces and have my handbags. I would rather not say who as that's their choice to share but I am honored to have them as well as all women to enjoy my style and designs and to want to wear and use my products.

TS: Where can people go and cop one of your designer items from and to learn more about you and your many businesses?

JC: People can connect with me at (this is the hub of all me and my husband's businesses). There you can get information and also explore our site and you can sign up for our mailing list and be kept abreast of all we are doing as well as join our friends at

TS: I love you and Doug together. What is it like to be married to a NBA player?

JC: I never really looked at it that way but I feel like it's truly a honor to be married to my soul mate and best friend in life. He is Clyde to my Bonnie. We gel 100% and whenever people say to me, you got you a baller girl! I simply say, thanks, but I got me a man. No disrespect intended.

TS: I love the fact that you understand that you got yourself a man. I think thats what makes you and Doug's relationship so different. Many guys in the NBA cheat on their wives/significant others. Why do you feel so many guys cheat on their mates?

JC: I feel that guys in general get a bad rap on this one and I say this because not only guys cheat but ladies do too. It's just not as highly reported but I feel that when a person cheats, it's a personal problem within themselves happening. I have read surveys where people have said they cheat because their mate was not taking care of business but really I feel that if you're in a committed relationship with someone it is just as easy to say I feel that I am going to cheat so we should end it or just don't do it. Cheating is not only disrespectful to them but to yourself as well. So I think when someone cheats, they are dealing with inner issues inside like maybe self esteem, or the fact they just need a variety.

TS: Wooh, you got that right! So let's get to your new book respectively titled, Woman, Whats it all about?

JC: My new book Woman is for women, about women. It is a practical guide to loving the skin you're in. In other words we get right to the point with each other. My book speaks about everything from eating healthy, to what to wear, to inner peace, as well as what men, and other women find sexy.

TS: Nice, I can't wait to read it. Are you and Doug planning to do a second season of your reality show?

JC: Yes we do plan on it but it has been a little while since season one aired, we will need to first do a Committed reunion or something first to remind people of the first season and then we will do the second one.

TS: You guys also done a satirical comedy called, The Christies Un-Cut; I actually saw it and thought it was hilarious. Tell us about that!

JC: Oh wow yes! We done the movie and loved making it. It's available on Amazon or at and many more places where movies are sold. And by the way, people are loving it and it sold out twice already. It was so much fun shooting it; I called it a good form of therapy! It was our way at getting back at all the silly lies and rumors out there about us, so when we wrote, produced, and directed it, we covered as much as we could about the stuff that's been written and, we were able to laugh at ourselves in the process!

TS: Well, I personally love the fact that you guys are able to laugh at yourselves. That is great! Anyway Jackie, I thank you for giving us an update of what you and your husband have going on. Please keep us in the loop. Thank you for this interview.

JC: You are certainly welcome.


Jackie Christie Debuts Second Book: 'WOMAN! A Practical Guide To Loving The Skin You're In' On December 10, 2008

WOMAN! A Practical Guide To Loving The Skin You're In. (PRNewsFoto/Infinite Love Publishing) HOLLYWOOD, CA UNITED STATES

Jackie Christie, Wife Of NBA Star Doug Christie, Is Set To Release Her Self Empowerment Book For Women HOLLYWOOD, Calif., Aug. 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Jackie Christie, multi-talented, fashion designer, and co-author of 'No Ordinary Love', with husband NBA star Doug Christie, is set to release her highly anticipated book, 'WOMAN! A Practical Guide To Loving The Skin You're In', through
Infinite Love Publishing on December 10, 2008. The book encompasses all a woman needs to know regarding self-empowerment in their careers, relationships, and more.

'WOMAN! A Practical Guide To Loving The Skin You're In' was written to help empower women to feel good about themselves as well as to instill confidence in them and their relationships. With woman facing so many issues dealing with fashion, beauty, self esteem and more, this "how to" guide will give easy to follow advice on how to overcome situations by self-motivation and determination.

Women have constantly defied the odds. Jackie is no different being married for over a decade and renewing her vows every year on her and her husband Doug Christie's anniversary solidifies the foundation of her own marriage and acts as the foundation of which she shares with all women who want to be in a committed, loving and lasting relationship.

"To me, Michelle Obama represents the American woman. Her strength and conviction regarding family is unshakeable. Her dedication to her core values is to be admired. Michelle Obama has overcome adversity. She's a good role model and mother, all while standing by her husband and supporting his United States presidential campaign, a true inspiration to us," Jackie said.

As a mother, wife, fashion model, and career driven woman, Jackie's personal experiences are shown throughout the book. She reaffirms the idea that women should succeed without the fear of failure. The book reflects how women should take control of how they look, and feel, and to build on their self worth.

About Jackie Christie: Jackie Christie, a Seattle, WA, native is a model, actress, fashion designer, author and mother of three, and heads the successful record label Jean Rah Fya records, home to some of the hottest new talent in the business. The label's roster includes new teen sensation Chani as well as R&B heart throb Bobby Tinsley, and the teen singing group Small Change to name a few.

About Infinite Love Publishing (ILP): ILP was born from a passion to publish meaningful content that helps to empower others and to offer alternative literature to the discerning readers that want solid content that teaches and inspires. Infinite Love Publishing is quickly becoming the publishing company of choice by authors wanting to reach their readers in a creative and positive way.

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August 2008

Luxury Athletic Designer, Vlado Footwear, Signs Teen Pop Star, Chantel 'Chani' Christie Wednesday August 20, 8:00 am ET Chani Has Signed an Endorsement Deal with Vlado Footwear, Debuting at MAGIC Marketplace 2008

LAS VEGAS, Aug. 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Chantel "Chani" Christie has announced her endorsement with luxury footwear brand, Vlado Footwear. The company plans to launch their exiting new line at MAGIC Marketplace on August 25-28, 2008 in Las Vegas. Chani is honored to join the Vlado family and get her own shoe. The brand is also home to Oscar-Winning actor Jamie Foxx. You can find Vlado Footwear located at booth: STU 30053 at the MAGIC Marketplace.

n addition to her recent endorsement, Chani celebrates her escalating career with her new book "I Want To Live: A Teen's Guide To Finding Self Love." Chani has committed to supporting HIV/AIDS Awareness by donating the proceeds of sales of the book to the cause. Her self-help book, set to be released September 10, 2008, highlights the importance of teens living a healthy lifestyle and finding self love.

In conjunction with her new book, Chani will also release her new cover video titled "What's Going On?" by the late Marvin Gaye. "When I recorded 'What's Going On' it touched my heart deeply. I'm honored to have made the video and released them both together as this is something new. I feel this will help get my message across even more," said Chani.

"Working with Vlado Footwear is a great opportunity. The shoes are really cool, stylish, and comfortable," comments Chani.

About Vlado Footwear: Designer athletic footwear Vlado has become a fashion phenomenon, appearing everywhere from fashion runways to the office, to the playground. Dressed up or dressed down, designer sneakers are essential to everyone's wardrobe, whether it's because of comfort or style. The brand has already become a celebrity favorite worn by Chris Brown, Ne-Yo, Snoop Dogg, Chamillionaire, E-40, Nick Cannon, Terry Crews, LL Cool J, Chani, Jamie Foxx and several others.

About MAGIC Marketplace: The MAGIC Marketplace is the preeminent trade event in the international fashion industry, hosting global buyers and sellers of men's, women's and children's apparel, footwear, accessories, and sourcing resources. The show's goal is to connect and inspire the fashion community, fuse diverse trends, while offering unbeatable service to its customers.

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August 6, 2008

Chani Featured on Warner Premiere’s ‘Another Cinderella Story’ Soundtrack

Teen Music Phenomenon and author, Chantel ‘Chani’ Christie, celebrates her escalating career with a feature on Warner Premiere’s ‘Another Cinderella Story’ soundtrack releasing on August 26, 2008 with key song ‘Don’t Be Shy’. In addition, Chani has committed to supporting HIV/AIDS Awareness by donating the proceeds of her new book ‘I Want To Live: A Teen’s Guide To Finding Self Love’ to the cause. Her self-help book, set to be released September 10, 2008, highlights the importance of practicing safe sex to avoid the leading epidemic of HIV/AIDS in teenagers.

Razor & Tie Entertainment will release the original motion picture soundtrack for Warner Premiere’s ‘Another Cinderella Story’ on August 26th. The 11-track album will include brand new pop and hip-hop-infused songs as performed by teen superstars Selena Gomez, Drew Seeley and the cast of the forthcoming Warner Premiere home video release, ‘Another Cinderella Story’. Key song includes rising stars Small change and features Lil’ JJ and Chani. In addition, ‘Another Cinderella Story’ will be released on DVD and VOD on September 16th by Warner Home Video, with a planned debut on ABC Family in late 2008.

Recently, Chani released her highly sought after debut album “My Dream” for the independent label, Jean Rah Fya Records, and since then has been garnering much attention. Chani plans to release her video single, “What’s Going On”, inspired by the late Marvin Gaye, to be the theme song for her HIV/AIDS speaking tour set to begin on World AIDS Day, December 1, 2008, in Washington D.C.

“I’m honored to be able to bring awareness and education to HIV/AIDS through my ambassadorship as well as through my music, and now my book. There are 6,000 youths a day diagnosed with this disease. I encourage everyone to get educated about HIV/AIDS and know their status,” Says Chani.

Chani’s movement is leading youth across the nation as a positive role model. Chani has several upcoming magazine features including KEWL, True Star, Young Urban Viewz, and Urban Teen Magazine that shines light on her music as well as her HIV/AIDS ambassadorship. Through her music she plans to tour the Unites States inspiring people from all walks of life to follow their dreams.

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July 2008

NBA Star Set to Marry for 13th Time in Lavish Ceremony Atop World Famous Space Needle

NBA Star Set to Marry for 13th Time in Lavish Ceremony Atop World Famous Space
Needle The Christies Continue To Give Back While Keeping Their Bond Strong

LOS ANGELES, July 4 /PRNewswire/ -- NBA star Doug Christie and his wife,
Jackie, are planning to marry yet again on Tuesday, July 8th in Seattle,
Washington in a lavish ultra private ceremony. This will be the 13th wedding
for the power couple who have made this a family tradition.
Doug and Jackie have a distinctly unique bond, which spans 16 years of
both public acclaim and scrutiny. Their first book, No Ordinary Love: A True
Story of Marriage and Basketball, released through their publishing company
Infinite Love Publishing, provides a candid look at the Christies' own
relationship and illustrates how mutual respect, friendship, and a commitment
to monogamy serve as the foundation of their marriage. Their book presents
unique advice and detailed recommendations for not only making relationships
work but also making them last.

Aside from past public scrutiny as well as untrue rumors that the
Christie's had to endure, affected not only their personal life but
professional life as well. Most recent was that of veteran NBA referee Tim
Donaghy who refereed games in the NBA during Doug's tenure with the Sacramento
Kings in 2002. Tim Donaghy was accused of betting on basketball games over the
past two seasons and most recently admitted to cheating in game 6 of the
semi-finals that year between the Sacramento Kings and the Los Angeles Lakers'
basketball teams. "I am devastated to now find out the game was not officiated
fairly," says Christie. "Not just for myself and my family but for my
teammates as well who put their heart and soul on the line, the fans and the
players out there on the floor right now. Who can tell what's 'real' and
what's fake?""We strive to be positive role models and make good things happen for
everyone, that is why we established our companies to make a difference," said
Jackie Christie.

None of the harsh treatment they face, will stop Doug and Jackie from
doing what is important to them. To mark their 13th anniversary, the couple
will donate $100,000.00 (US) to charity and plan to invite 100 gay and lesbian
couples to join them next July for their 14th wedding to marry in one joint
ceremony. We will be honored to do it said Jackie Christie. They continue to
participate in non-profit organizations such as the BLACK HIV/AIDS Institute
helping to raise awareness on the wide spread epidemic surrounding the
disease, as well as their work with longtime Seattle, Washington charity the
Millionaires Club, amongst others.

"The power couple is also responsible for inspiring so many other couples
including celebrity couples, to marry more than once, we are so happy to see
so many people now choosing to marry multiple times, or renew their vows
privately and publicly. Our hearts warm when someone say's thank you for
inspiring us," said Doug Christie.

The Christie's daughter, role model and multi talented entertainer Chani,
whom recently released her debut album, 'My Dream' is following in her parents
footsteps with her own philanthropy as well. By being named the YMCA National
Youth Spokesperson, as well as, the United States youth ambassador for
HIV/AIDS Awareness.

About Jean Rah Fya Records: Established in Dec 2007, the label owned by
NBA Star Doug Christie and his business savvy wife Jackie Christie is the home
to some of the hottest young talent. Jean Rah Fya Records goal is to reach
people in a positive way through music. This new label which is the pioneer of
"The positive Youth Movement" is quickly making headlines in the music

About Tim Donaghy:
Tim Donaghy is a former professional basketball referee who worked in the
National Basketball Association (NBA) for 13 seasons from 1994 to 2007. During
his career in the NBA, Donaghy officiated in 772 regular-season games and 20
playoff games. Donaghy resigned from the league on July 9, 2007 prior to
reports of an investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for
allegations that he bet on games that he officiated during his last two
seasons and that he made calls affecting the point spread in those games.

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Infinite Love Publishing


January 1, 2007


Seattle, WA: Doug and Jackie Christie closed out the year 2006 by doing what they love the most; helping those in need. Once again this holiday season, the Christies' Infinite Love Foundation bestowed holiday tidings on the Seattle based Millionair Club Charity.

The Millionair Club, which offers help to the homeless and unemployed, serves an average of 10,000 meals each month and assists in helping people find an honest day's work through temporary employment in the community. Due to the generosity of the Christies and the Infinite Love Foundation, The Millionair Club received enough food to stock their shelves for the winter and into the spring.

As children growing up in the Seattle area, both Doug and Jackie's families were once recipients of help from The Millionair Club. Never forgetting the kindness and generosity shown to them, the Christies have developed a partnership with the organization.

“For the people that depend on The Millionair Club for work, food and shelter the Turkeys, eggs, sausage and thermal socks and more will keep them very comfortable for quite awhile.” The Christies said, “We couldn't be happier.”

For more information regarding the Infinite Love Foundation or the Millionair's Club, please call Howard Bragman at 323-557-9700 or visit


December 8, 2006
CONTACT: Howard Bragman, Thea Ellis
Fifteen Minutes
(323) 556-9700


Los Angeles, December 8, 2006—NBA star Doug Christie and his wife, Jackie, will release their first comedy project, The Christies Un-Cut, on December 20, 2006. The DVD, comprised of 60-minutes of comedy sketches starring the Christies, is loosely based on the different facets of the couple’s life and relationship. Produced by Infinite Love Productions, the DVD—as with the Christies’ reality series, Committed: The Christies—offers new insight into their marriage and family life.

With the help of their family and friends, Doug and Jackie Christie poke fun at themselves as well as the media’s scrutiny of their marriage. The lighthearted sketches throughout the DVD cover a wide range of topics, including a “Haters Club” sketch about a support group aimed at helping people criticize various individuals. The DVD also has bonus features, such as sketch bloopers, various photos of the couple, and commentary from the Christies’ friends, including actors Angell Conwell (Soul Plane) and Kel Mitchell (Kenan & Kel), among others. Written, directed, and produced by the couple, The Christies Un-Cut highlights the never-before-seen comedic side of Doug and Jackie Christie.

The Christies Un-Cut is a comedic spin-off of the couple’s reality series, Committed: The Christies. The reality show, which airs each Thursday night at 10:00PM (ET) on BET-J, chronicles the day-to-day lives of both Doug and Jackie Christie. Their annual wedding ceremony, discussions about Doug’s career, and the running of Jackie Christie’s fashion company are just a few aspects of the Christies’ life featured on the reality series.The Christies Un-Cut will be available online at for only $19.95, where you can also pre-order your copy.


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